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Third Wing Business Strategies, LLC
Third Wing used their expertise in Marketing, Design, and Brand development to help Loop Florida create its distinctive logo and website where those interested in looping can learn how this technology can change their lives. With Third Wings help the Loop Florida Initiative was able to create a campaign it is proud to launch to the public. With their design help matched by their financial contribution the Loop Florida Campaign will undoubtedly be a huge success.

Hearing Loss Association of America, Lakeland Chapter
The many members of the HLAA Lakeland have embraced Looping and realize the huge potential it has for the community and the state of Florida. Using grant money that have been awarded the members are actively soliciting for businesses to loop their facilities. The HLAA Lakeland has partnered with Loop Florida to ensure that those with a hearing loss in the local community and the state of Florida have equal access and improved communication.

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First Aviation Sertoma Club
The mission of Sertoma National is to improve the quality of life today for those at risk or impacted by hearing loss through education and support. The relationship between First Aviation Sertoma Club and Central Florida Speech and Hearing Center was originally established over 35 years ago. First Aviation Sertoma Club is pleased to support the mission of the Loop Florida Initiative – improving the quality of life for the hearing loss community.





Central Florida Speech and Hearing Center
For thousands of people right here in our community, the emotional challenge of not being able to hear is overwhelming. For them, the constant struggle to communicate with and understand others makes everyday life exhausting. Founded in 1960, Central Florida Speech and Hearing Center’s mission is to provide the highest quality speech, language and hearing services, always in a caring manner. As the founding partner of the Loop Florida Initiative, Central Florida Speech and Hearing Center is focused on the goal of equal access and improved communication for the hearing loss community.



Become a supporter and be an advocate for looping

Contribute to the Cause:
Become a sponsor of the Loop Florida initiative. The Loop Florida Initiative is a grassroots marketing effort designed to promote equal access for the hearing loss community. Your financial contribution will help support this initiative and will provide necessary funding for those non-profits who could use some additional assistance. Give back to your community by supporting the ongoing education on the benefits of looping.

Sponsor a Loop Solution:
Do you know a place that could use a loop? Make a difference in the lives of others by sponsoring a loop solution in your area – so those who suffer from hearing loss can have equal access. Assist a non-profit in looping their community room or a place of worship loop their sanctuary. Call today and learn about sponsoring a loop solution.

Loop your own facility:
Are you a business owner who enjoys helping those in need? Help one of the 60,000 with hearing loss in Polk County by installing a loop in your facility. Ensure that the ease of doing business is the same for everyone.

Spread the word about looping:
Help us spread the word about looping to your community. The Loop Florida Initiative has a team ready to visit your club, community or organization. Our educated professionals will talk about the benefits of a loop solution.

Call today and find out how you can help spread the word about looping.