Residential Looping

Residential Hearing Loop FloridaDo you have difficulty hearing with background noise and echoes?

Do you have trouble hearing the TV or are you tired of people telling you to turn down the volume?

Do you wish people would just speak more clearly or sometimes feel isolated because you’re not part of the conversation?

Looping can help!

Looping transmits the signal from your TV or home theater through the installed wired loop. You will be able to hear your TV or stereo system without turning up the volume or missing what is being said.

You can loop a room or area of your house, or you can purchase a Personal Loop Mat. This is a small mat placed by you with a wire attached to the amplifier, which is then plugged into your television or sound system.

The Benefits of A Home Hearing Loop
– The equipment and installation are highly affordable.
– A home hearing loop requires virtually no maintenance.
– Instantly eliminate background noise and echo. – Enjoy your music, movies, and favorite shows with crystal clear sound.
– There is no extra equipment or devices to connect or put over your ears.
– The T-coil uses no electricity and does not affect the life of your hearing aid battery.

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Residential Hearing Loops Florida