Looping Businesses

Why Loop Your Facility?

It is important for facilities to provide services that meet the needs of an active and engaged hearing impaired Hearing-loop-counterpopulation.

According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, thirty-six million Americans have hearing loss.  One in four – 8.4 million – have hearing aids. That’s a large community who can benefit from the use of Looping!

Looping is Ideal for…

Places of WorshipEnables members to enjoy the worship services.

Movie TheatersImproves your customer’s experience.Hearing-Loop-Worship

PharmaciesHelps your customer hear instructions.

Performing Arts CentersMakes performances more enjoyable.

SchoolsAids students in hearing a lecture.

Nursing HomesEnhances communication with residents.

Customer Service CountersImproves consumer experiences.hearing-loop-conference

Government Offices Increases efficiency in daily operations