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Dr Heather Unties Leonard CFSCHA personal message from
Dr. Heather Untied-Leonard

Have you ever struggled to hear in church or a meeting?  Have you ever wished it was easier to just be able to follow the conversation?  It can be exhausting when you are trying so hard to fill in missing blanks and hoping you are appropriately answering questions in these kinds of environments.

I understand the negative impact hearing loss can have on a person’s everyday life.  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Dr. Heather Untied-Leonard and I am an audiologist and also an individual with hearing loss.  I was born hard-of-hearing and have worn hearing aids since I was a young child.  Having hearing loss myself enables me to better understand how much hearing loss affects many different realms of my patients’ lives.

In most instances, appropriately adjusted hearing aids can help people to hear clearer.    However, there are certain environments in which hearing aids alone just are not enough.  It is in these types of environments that a loop system can really improve people’s speech discrimination abilities.

From my own personal experience as a long-time hearing aid user, the sound quality using a loop system is phenomenal.  Not only was the speaker’s voice nice and clear within the looped environment, but the usual negative effects, such as distance from the speaker and competing background noise, did not compromise my ability to easily follow the conversation.  It was so nice to just hear!  I really encourage people, both as an audiologist and as an individual with hearing loss, to experience the loop.

Simply put, just get in the loop!